Our Story

Hi, we’re Amy and Regina. Skip and Play is the result of two very different friends with varied backgrounds, coming together to build our dream company. We noticed a white space in the world of children’s toys, with both ourselves and our friends being a bit confused when it came to deciding what toys were best for kids at different ages. We realized Skip and Play was the answer! We have done all the research, connected with the toymakers themselves, and talked with child development specialists to curate the best learning tools. With Amy’s extensive background in child development and Regina’s eye for design coupled with her parenting experience, we each bring something to the company that makes it - much like the Skip and Play child’s mind - thrive. 

About Amy:  

I'm an avid learner, runner, and total clutz…not a good combo! Yet somehow managed to earn two master’s degrees in Child Development from Florida State University and Purdue University, which were the top ranked schools…humble brag. Right after college I worked directly with kids assessing their level of development. The most common question every family would ask me was what tools do my children need to learn and grow. It was at that time I realized this needed to be answered.

About Regina: 

I’m a design major from Parsons The New School - and I’m also a mom of 2 small humans, Gray and Bijou. When I had Gray a few years ago, I was finishing school and having a hard time balancing it all (can I get an Amen?), especially when I would try to pick out educational toys that would spark his development.  I’m also the first of my friends to have a baby, so online reviews became my best friend. I have over 15 years of experience in fashion & design, and will be looking to transfer my love of colors and the aesthetic to Skip and Play.