Best Birthday Gifts By Age: 1 to 5

Are you hitting the birthday party circuit like there’s no tomorrow? It seems like every weekend our calendar is filled with birthday parties.  While these parties are fun, I’m left with the same question, what gift do I bring? Here’s a birthday gift guide to help you choose the right thing!

The best you can gift at this age, toys! As much as we are in a Marie Kondo world and kids have a lot of toys, there’s a reason for it, they LOVE them! For children, toys are a tool to support their development. Giving the right toy is important. It can set them up for success. Here is a fun and a developmentally appropriate toy for ages 1-5, or you skip doing on the research and order one of our ready made Birthday Boxes!

1 Year Old: Shape Sorter


There are so many different functions that provide learning opportunities with shape sorters. First, they can start to see how shapes are different. They will also learn cause and effect by finding the right shape, matching it in the sorter, and watching it disappear. It’s a fun game at this age! This shape sorter has a modern twist:

2 Year Old:


At this age, children will begin to get a sense of enjoyment through building things. They love to build towers to see how tall they can get before it gets knocked down. Building blocks is one of the best ways to support cognitive development along with fine motor development. There are modern toys that take traditional block play a step further. This is one of our favorites; it’s a block set that also becomes a fairy castle.

3 Year Old:


For a 3 year old, it’s all about imagination! At this age they are beginning to understand different roles, which is why they may begin to share what they want to do when they grow up. They love to pretend play. Getting a fun pretend play set, like a doctors set, a makeup kit, or a pretend sushi dinner set will engage their mind. 

4 Year Old:


At 4 years old, children are learning their name, letters, numbers, and in many cases are beginning to write it. Magnatabs are the best tool to support developing this skill further. It provides a framework for tracing. There are letter magnatabs, number magnatabs, and open magnatabs for exploration. This is one of our favorite number magnatabs:

5 Year Old:


For a 5 year old, they love to create! At this age they are able to use their imagination to draw new artwork and they have the fine motor skills developed enough to create beautiful images. Art sets or any type of building set is a great way to continue to strengthen their fine motor development along with developing more of their imagination.


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